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System Announcements

  • E-Term Course Site Availability (Tuesday, May 16, 2017)

    The transition from myWPI to Canvas is almost complete!


    Students:  If you don't see your course site in myWPI, please check on Canvas:  If you still don't see your course site, please check with your instructor!


    Faculty: If you haven't logged into Canvas yet, please contact the ATC at 

  • Not sure if your course is in Canvas or myWPI? (Thursday, February 2, 2017)
    Log in to Canvas here: (Please bookmark this URL in your web browser!)

    View the list of courses offered in Canvas in spring (Spring semester, C and D terms)

    Please note: use of Canvas or myWPI is optional for instructors. You should have access to the site for a particular course within 24 hours of registering for a course, unless the instructor has chosen to make the site unavailable. You should check with your instructor if the site is not available after the first day of classes in either Canvas or myWPI

    For more information and other Canvas resources, please visit our blog.
  • Malicious OneClass Chrome extension (Tuesday, December 13, 2016)

    STUDENTS: Please do NOT install the OneClass Chrome Extension. 

    This extension attempts to recruit your fellow students into joining OneClass when you log into Blackboard. The plugin will attempt to access your credentials, and email other students in your courses on your behalf to invite them to also download the plugin. Follow these instructions to uninstall the extension if you have it on your web browser.

  • Changes coming to myWPI next year (Thursday, April 21, 2016)

    At the end of the next academic year (AY 2016-17), WPI’s contract will expire with Blackboard. In preparation for this occurrence, a task force was organized to explore the many possible options, including a different version of Blackboard as well as other platforms. The task force evaluated survey data from students and faculty, and there was overwhelming consensus on utilizing a system called Canvas.

    The current myWPI/Blackboard system will be retired June 30th, 2017.

    How can I learn more about the changes coming to myWPI?

    The Academic Technology Center has developed a number of resources to help faculty, students, and staff learn more about Canvas. Visit our Canvas website for more information. Additionally, many workshops and walk-in hours are scheduled throughout the Spring & Summer to orient you to the new system. Check the Canvas website for the full list of learning opportunities.

    We look forward to these exciting changes but recognize that they will likely result in lots of questions. Academic Technology Center staff will do their best to keep the WPI community informed of updates related to the migration. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the ATC if you have any questions or are interested in moving your existing Blackboard course site to Canvas- contact

  • Notice: Phishing Emails from "Blackboard Learning" (Thursday, December 10, 2015)

    The ATC has been notified of members of the WPI community receiving emails appearing to be from the sender "Blackboard Learning."  These emails are not legitimate- do not click on any links and do not reply. These emails are not from WPI or Blackboard.

    Phishing emails are crafted to appear as if they have been sent from a legitimate organization or known individual.  They ask people to provide their addresses, passwords, and account numbers by identifying some problem that requires an immediate response by you. The people asking for this information count on you to not examine the message or consider your response thoroughly.  

    If you suspect an email is a phishing attempt or otherwise fraudulent, please forward the message including full email headers (instructions on how to get headers: to Information Security or call the ITS Help Desk at x5888.