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System Announcements

  • Notice: Phishing Emails from "Blackboard Learning" (Thursday, December 10, 2015)

    The ATC has been notified of members of the WPI community receiving emails appearing to be from the sender "Blackboard Learning."  These emails are not legitimate- do not click on any links and do not reply. These emails are not from WPI or Blackboard.

    Phishing emails are crafted to appear as if they have been sent from a legitimate organization or known individual.  They ask people to provide their addresses, passwords, and account numbers by identifying some problem that requires an immediate response by you. The people asking for this information count on you to not examine the message or consider your response thoroughly.  

    If you suspect an email is a phishing attempt or otherwise fraudulent, please forward the message including full email headers (instructions on how to get headers: to Information Security or call the ITS Help Desk at x5888. 

  • New Weekly System Maintenance (Wednesday, June 3, 2015)

    myWPI may be unavailable for some or all of the time between 4:00 AM - 7:00 AM (EST) every Wednesday and Friday in order to perform regular system maintenance.  When possible, planned maintenance will be posted on this login page and on IT News Alerts.  Extended outages will be announced via e-mail.

    To prevent possible data loss please do any critical work outside of these hours. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Notice to New WPI Community Members (Monday, September 16, 2013)

    Welcome to WPI!  If you created your computing accounts recently please note that you do need to wait at least one hour before logging into myWPI.  New User Accounts need to be synced across several services which can take a small amount of time.  Attempting to access myWPI before your account has been fully synced will grant you access as a guest.

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